Following the history of judos creation one can recollect that Dzhigoro Kano imagined judo as an integral system of psychophysical and ethical upbringing of personality. Unfortunately, at present we have only judo as a kind of sports. Its not little, but not necessary, in our opinion. Because an integral system of bringing up an integral personality, in addition to modern condition, can be recreated using the means of Youth interest to judo.

The main objective of the methodical centers work is to develop and to test the methods of studing, teaching and bringing up Youth Through the prism of the modern psychological, pedagogical and psychical achievements. The methodical center also works at pointing those ethical standards and values, that let a person realize his place in society with understanding the grandeur of Russia and its place in historical development of Mankind.

Vice-leader of

the methodical center

of eastern fighting arts


Vorobiev E.N.

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