current life

6 April 2002. The championship of the Republic of Mari El between young men was held. The championship took place a at "Judo" school (culture palace by Lenin). Besides TEKENDO pupils, sportsmen from Chuvashia (Republic) took part in of.

25 March 2002. "TEKENDO" school made a representative show at the master contest of judo of Russia..

On the 2nd of November 2001 a trip to the Judo championship of Russia. The meeting with the president of Judo's federation of Russia Shestakov V.Z.

On the 3rd of November2001 a TEKENDO competition for boys took place in the Republic of Mary El. The competition was held in the Culture Palace named after Lenin, at school of Judo.

On the 25-27th of October 2001 Komyak V.V. and Vorobiev E.N. were sent on the tripe to Moscow, to the federation of Judo of Russia. The met with the leading specialist of judo and discussed the objects of the methodical center under the school of TEKENDO research in Judo. We got an offer of collaboration and inculcation of the new technologies in Judo, worked out by the methodical center. We also received an invitation to take part in the extended college of Judo in Russia, which will take place in Kstov on the 24-27th of November in the academy of Sambo..

On the 1st of September 2001 the new training year at school "TEKENDO" began. There was a muster in TEKENDO groups and we began to train children in the following gyms: the center of youth's creation, the culture palace named after Lenin, DKPA, sport center "Ubileyny" (anniversary), school 18. The trainings of TEKENDO are conducted by: Vorobiev E.N., Komyak I.V., Ustuzhanin S.L., Plotnikov A.M., Sushentsov M.A., Kolosov D.A., Pushkin E.A.



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