This book is one of the first manuals by the methodical center of eastern fighting arts under PO TEKENDO.

The author of the book is a creator and the leader by this methodical center. He devoted more than a of century to studing eastern fighting arts. His understanding of judos essence, his perfect knowledge in this fight, a rare talant to see familiar the new point of view, his rich experience in teaching, he brought up a lot of pupils, this an is reflected in the book.

There are two principles in the basis of Nogare system: Kote principle-the technique of arts for making pulling efforts and the principle of stepping-the technique and order of stepping , while performing a throw. This system, considering judo from a new point of view, refreshes and adds to the familiar system some new aspects . One can refer integrity, completeness and special exercises UTI-KOMIs support to the advantages of Nogare system.

This book can be a valuable manual for a coach preparing , training highly qualificated judo fighters.

Korabliov V.N.

sport master of judo in USSR

the coach of the 1-st category

Vice-minister of P.E, sport and tourism

of the Mari El Republic.

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